Do I have to be a Christian to come?

Absolutely not, anyone is welcome although you need to know that the event includes Christian teaching. We do ask that all team are practicing Christians.

What does the event cost?

£2 per child. If this is a barrier to attendance then please do still come and indicate on the registration form. The event is subsidised by contributions from local churches. However, if you wish to make a further donation towards the running costs there will be facilities to do this during the event or email [email protected].

Are Children with disabilities welcome?

Absolutely, the team will make every effort to ensure everyone is included. We have team members who are experienced and gifted in catering for children with a variety of special needs. There are some circumstances where we may ask a parent or carer to stay with the child. Please help us by completing the special needs sections on the form the best you can and getting in touch with us if there is any further information required. The venue is partially wheelchair accessible and we will endeavor to organise activities for any disabled child to be able to fully engage with the group activities.

Can you make exceptions to the age ranges?

Unfortunately no. The event is aimed at children in Key Stage 2 – years 3 to 6. Children outside these age groups may not fully engage with the programme so we do not recommend anyone attending outside the age range.

I filled in a Registration form for the last event. Do I need to do it again?

If you completed a form in this academic year you will not need to do it again until next September but do inform us of any changes to contact details and health or educational needs. Please email [email protected] or edit your details on the online form.

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